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2 A.M. Orchestra   Aaria   Adults, The   Alex Smart   All The Colours   Amy Bowie   Andrew Keoghan   Anna Coddington   Annabel Fay   Annah Mac   Aotearoa Reggae Allstars   Ashei   Atlas   Awa   Awa featuring House Of Shem   Bangladesh   Battle Circus   Batucada Sound Machine   Beach Pegs   Beatrootz   Benny Tipene   Bic Runga   Black City Lights   Black River Drive   Black Seeds, The   Blacklistt   Blue Blood   Boh Runga   Bonjah   Borderline featuring Bailey Wiley   Breaks Co-op   Brooke Duff   Brooke Fraser   Bulletproof featuring Silva MC   Bulletproof, Rugged Tekniques, Silva MC   Campbell   Carly Binding   Cassette   Cavell   Che Fu   Checks, The   Clap Clap Riot   Clara Van Wel   Cliff Hedley   Coach   Cobra Khan   Coco Solid, Boston Rodriguez, Matron   Cocoa Jackson Lane   Computers Want Me Dead   Concord Dawn featuring Tali   Concord Dawn featuring Thomas Oliver   Cool Rainbows   Crumb   D2S   Damien Binder   Dan Aux featuring Randa   Dan Aux, Faster Than Light, Ed Waaka   Dance Exponents   Dane Rumble   Dane Rumble featuring Jupiter Project   Daniel Bedingfield   Datsuns, The   Dave Dobbyn   David Dallas   Ddub   Deach featuring Donell Lewis   Deach featuring Pieter T   Del Rey System   Delani   Delete Delete   Denelle   Devilskin   Devolo featuring Swiss   Dimmer   Djcxl featuring Sabre   Doprah   Doqument featuring David Dallas, The   Drew featuring Five A   Dub Terminator & Ras Stone   Dukes   Dulciana featuring Little Lapin   Earlybirds, The   Earthworm   Eastern, The   Easy Hearts, The   Eddie Numbers   Eden Mulholland   Ekko Park   Ermehn featuring PNC & Paul Bob   Evermore   Eversons, The   Exiles, The   Exponents, The   Eye Tv   Falter   Fanatics, The   Farmer Pimp   Fat Freddy's Drop   Feelers, The   Fiona Pears   Five A & Abby Lee   Five Mile Town   Fluid   Footsouljahs   French For Rabbits   Funk'n'Slo   Fur Patrol   Ghost Wave   Ginny Blackmore   Glass Owls   Goldenhorse   Goodnight Nurse   Goon   Gramsci   Greg Johnson   Harry Parsons   Have, The   Heart Of Katherine, The   Helen Corry   Hurricane Kids   Hypnotics, The   I Am Giant   Imagine This featuring Gemma Copas   Impending Adorations, The   Indi   Iva Lamkum   Jamie McDell   Jan Hellriegel   Janine & The Mixtape   Jason Eli featuring Sharlene Hector   Jayson Norris, Tiki Taane, Cocoa Jackson   Jeremy Redmore   Jess Harlen   Jesse Sheehan   Jester   Jody Direen   Jorge & The Woodcut Crew   Junica   Jupiter Project   Jupiter Project, Jetski Safari, Helen C.   K.One   Katchafire   Katie Thompson   Kids Of 88   King Cannons   King Kapisi featuring Mr Thing   Kings & General Lee   Kittens Of The Internet   Knives At Noon   L.A. Mitchell   L40   Ladi6   Late Night Poets   Latin Aotearoa   Lawrence Arabia   Lazrus   Lesley Meguid   Lightning On Me   Like A Storm   Lindon Puffin   Lisa Crawley   Lizzie Marvelly   Lord Echo   Louis Baker   Luger Boa   Luke Buda   Luke Thompson   Mahinarangi Tocker   Majic   Map Room, The   Maree Sheehan   Martin Phillipps   Massad   Mayavanya featuring Mars   Mel Parsons   Midnight Youth   Minuit   Mixt Frequencies   Module featuring Paul McLaney   Motocade   Mozelee   Mt Raskill ... featuring Hollie Smith   Mulholland   Mutton Birds, The   My Life Story   Myele Manzanza featuring Rachel Fraser   NZ Idol 2005 Cast   Neo-Kalashnikovs, The   New Freedom, The   New Vinyl   Nick Raven   No Problemos, The   November Zulu   Oakley Grenell, Stauny Pops, JDouble   Oceania featuring Hinewehi Mohi   One Million Dollars   Opshop   P-Money & Friends   P-Money featuring Aaradhna & Talib Kweli   PNC featuring Pieter T   Palms, The   Paper Cranes   Paper Plane   Paquin   Phil Stoodley   Phoenix Foundation, The   Pieter T   Popstrangers   Response, The   Rhian Sheehan   Ria   Rival State   Rubicon   Salmonella Dub   Salvi Stone   Sami Sisters, The   Sammielz   Scribe   Shapeshifter   She's Insane   She's So Rad   Sherpa   Shifting Sands, The   Shihad   Sid Diamond featuring PNC & Pieter T   Simon Spire   Sir T feat. Derty Sesh & Ashley Hughes   Sir T featuring Tyree   Six60 & Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra   Smashproof featuring Drew   Smashproof featuring Pieter T   Smoothy   Sola Rosa featuring Noah Slee   Sola Rosa featuring Olivier Daysoul   Soljah   Sons Of Zion   Sons Of Zion featuring Pieter T   Sou'westers, The   Sound The Ocean   Spacifix   State Of Mind featuring Sacha Vee   Static Era   Stellar   Steriogram   Sun & The Wolf   Supervillains RMC   Surf Friends   Swiss   Tadpole   Tahuna Breaks   Taisha   Tali   Tama Waipara   Tami Neilson   Tangled   Taste Nasa   Taye Williams featuring Drew & Tyree   These Four Walls   Tiki Taane   Tim Finn   Tipene   Titanium   Tomorrow People   Tomorrow People featuring Chad Chambers   Toni Huata   Transistors   Trei & Thomas Oliver   Trick Mammoth   Tyra Hammond   Tyree   Tyree featuring Five A & Scribe   Tyson Tyler   Unknown Mortal Orchestra   Urbantramper   Urbantramper, French For Rabbits   Veils, The   Villainy   Vince Harder featuring Moorhouse   Vince Harder, J Williams, K.One   Watercolours   Whenua Patuwai   Whistle Jacket   Willy Moon   Wyld, The   Young Lyre   Zeal Presents featuring Ria   Zionhill   Zkabby Jams

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